Stabilization and neutralization of waste

We minimalize the volumes of waste sent to landfill

IČZ CZU00168


The volumes of landfilled waste are significantly decreased through waste neutralization. Hazardous waste is neutralized by the controlled chemical reaction of an acid or alkaline, which results in non-hazardous substances such as water or insoluble salts. Wastewater is treated according to its contents in chemical or biological wastewater treatment plants.


The permanent disposal of hazardous waste is provided through waste stabilization. Waste stabilization is based on the transformation of the physical and chemical properties of waste, whereby the waste is homogenized in water or in a suspension with other additives. The use of stabilized waste depends on the quality without any risk of secondary contamination of the environment.

All accepted waste must be accompanied by a basic waste description or written information on the specific characteristic of the appearance and consistency of the waste, and an expert report pursuant to Annex 1(5) (5.2) of Decree 294/2005 Coll.