Production of solid alternative fuels

We are a leading producer and supplier of solid recovered fuels in the Czech Republic

IČZ CZU00881

We specialize in zero waste, energetic and material utilization of waste. We process inefficient recyclable waste into solid recovered fuels for further ecological utilization. This waste includes by-products of production, waste from old environmental liabilities, and biomass. We operate the largest facility for the processing of solid alternative fuels in the Czech Republic with a production capacity of 200 tons of fuel per day. Inefficient recyclable waste is crushed into two and half centimeter fractions, which results in a mixture of processed materials called solid alternative fuels. These meet the necessary parameters and have become an essential substitute for the fossil fuels used in cement plants. Nowadays, solid recovered fuels substitute up to 90 % of the primary sources of energy in cement plants.

All accepted waste must be accompanied by a basic waste description or written information on the specific characteristic of the appearance and consistency of the waste, and an expert report pursuant to Annex 1(5) (5.2) of Decree 294/2005 Coll.