We process waste contaminated with petroleum substances for its further utilization or disposal

IČZ CZU00156

Biodegradation is used to process contaminated soils, concrete, rubble, oil sludges from car and truck washes, and wastewater treatment plants for their further utilization or disposal. Based on the level of contamination, the waste is spread over a secured decontamination site and the physical, chemical, and biological environment is adjusted as needed. This decontamination site with a capacity of 37,800 m3 is also located at a controlled landfill. The spread material is treated with bio substances, which leads to decomposition into essential substances such as water, carbon dioxide, and various salts. This results in the further use of the decontaminated materials depending on their quality, which is proven by accredited laboratory tests.

All accepted waste must be accompanied by a basic waste description or written information on the specific characteristic of the appearance and consistency of the waste, and an expert report pursuant to Annex 1(5) (5.2) of Decree 294/2005 Coll.